ALDI 21 Day Fix menu plans and grocery list

ALDI Meal Plan – 21 Day Fix SUMMER EDITION

If you’re like me, you want to eat healthy and yet you want to stay on budget. It’s important to plan ahead and not waste food. I put the meal plan together based on items I’ve purchased at ALDI. A new ALDI store recently opened where I live and I was surprised to find such a great variety of produce and slash my grocery bill at the same time.

21 Day Fix Meal Plan - Shopping at ALDI

21 Day Fix Meal Plan – Shopping at ALDI

The meal plan and grocery list are based on the 21 Day Fix Meal plan and use the 1,500-1,799 calorie bracket as a guideline. A few key things about the meal plan:

  • You can easily adjust for a different calorie bracket by adding or subtracting containers.
  • You can easily adapt this menu plan for a family. I plan on buying extra of all of the dinner items and that works out well to serve more than one person.
  • I’ve incorporated leftovers in most lunches. I hate to see good, healthy food go to waste so I will be bringing leftovers to work.
  • If you happen to find a really good deal on berries, they’re easy to freeze. Read Freezing Summer Berries. This is also a great tip if you find some great berries at a Farmer’s Market. Our raspberry patch is starting to produce, so I will be freezing our raspberries.
  • To really succeed, I recommend the 21 Day Fix workouts. They’re also on special in July. Message me for info or use these links:)If you’re interested in the 21 Day Fix program, please fill out my contact form or use this link.

    21 Day Fix® and Shakeology Challenge Pack:

    21 Day Fix EXTREME® and Shakeology Challenge Pack:


Grocery List for 21 Day Fix, ALDI Meal plan

Grocery List for 21 Day Fix, ALDI Meal plan


Cafe Latte Shakeology

Watermelon & Cucumber Smoothie – Vanilla Shakeology

Protein balls

Peanut butter shakeology cups

Badass Bootcamp Challenge Group

Badass Bootcamp Challenge Group

Join this new challenge group! Starting NOW!

"You are a badass" by Jen Sincero

Believe that you are awesome

It’s time to stop doubting your greatness and started living an awesome life! For 30 days, we will be committing to clean eating, exercise and personal development.

The inspiration and focus of the group is You are a Badass by Jen Sincero. Assignments in this group will be based on that book. If you’re interested in participating in the 30-Day Challenge with me, please fill out this application so I can learn more about you if I have not yet worked with you and see which program is right for you if you’re not sure. Space is limited so I can give each challenger personalized attention. A program and Shakeology is required.

IMPORTANT NEWS: 21 Day Fix and 21 Day Fix Extreme Challenge packs are on sale for the month of July! Read more here: Learn about 21 Day Fix, get a free printable and order the program


I am personally very excited about this challegne group. Since I made the commitment to make my morning valuable and commit to waking up and exercising at 5AM, it has made all the difference in my fitness and my outlook. No more letting other tasks get in the way – I’m learning to get in and get my Insanity workout DONE! Join me!

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21 Day Fix Extreme workout schedule

21 Day Fix Extreme workout schedule

21 Day Fix Extreme workout schedule

Click here to download the printable PDF.

21 Day Fix extreme has some great workouts that give fantastic results. I’ve admittedly slipped the last month but I’m back on track. I’ll try to get some photos of the workouts in progress!

In the meantime, click on each link for specific information on some of the workouts in the program.


21 Day Fix Grocery list – PRINTABLE

In an effort to make meal planning even easier for those of you in my challenge group, I’m creating free printables! Click the link below to download the grocery list PDF. View other posts to download the meal planning template and the 21 Day Fix Tips list. Planning your meals will help weeknights go much smoother as well as save you money. Enjoy!

P.S. If you join my challenge group, you will have access to printables specific to your calorie range!

21 Day Fix Grocery list printable for meal planning

21 Day Fix Grocery list printable for meal planning.

This version is easier for printing, to save you $$ on ink.

21 Day Fix Meal Plan Calendar

Printable calendar for meal planning on the 21 Day Fix

Printable calendar for meal planning on the 21 Day Fix

Click here to download the printable pdf meal plan. Click here for a version that uses less color, to save you printer ink:)

Click here to order 21 Day Fix or 21 Day Fix Extreme. Message me if you have any questions at all and I will answer them for you! If you have questions about other programs or my personal thoughts, feel free to reach out.

You may wonder what’s different about the 21 Day Fix than other eating plans out there – it’s the WORKOUTS and the MOTIVATION GROUPS! I love the workouts. I’m starting the 21 Day Fix extreme workouts – you can learn more about them here.

Be sure to order your challenge pack from me so that you can join our challenge groups – Learn more about challenge packs. Or Learn more about challenge groups.

Click here to learn more about or order any of the beachbody programs.

21 Day Fix Tips

Success on the 21 Day Fix

The 21 Day Fix is a great way to learn proper portion sizes and what you should be eating. I remember in high school when it was the Basic Four Food Groups. I would eat almost an entire loaf of bread in one day because I thought that was good for me. Crazy, right? Now I know better:) And even though I know better, I still need help getting the right portions. Just this weekend, I visited my grandmother in the hospital and it was really difficult eating healthy but I always have the portion-control containers in my mind, so that helps. Green = vegetables. Okay, I can get vegetable soup in the hospital cafeteria. Purple = fruit, that means I can get a serving of fresh-cut fruit. Yellow = quinoa and in the 21 day fix, I learned that quinoa is a healthier choice than white rice. I am a firm believer in progress, not perfection. I hope the tips below will help you on your journey:) Please send me a message if they do!


21 Tips for the 21 Day Fix

21 Tips for the 21 Day Fix

For tips on drinking more water: Click here

More 21 day fix resources here

Mulberry tree

Berry Smoothie Bowl

Smoothie bowls are so great! All of the good stuff that's in a smoothie, with the satisfaction of feeling like a real meal.

Smoothie bowls are so great! All of the good stuff that’s in a smoothie, with the satisfaction of feeling like a real meal.

Berries everywhere! On special at the grocery, at farmer’s markets, in your garden! For myself, we have three mulberry trees and I needed to find a way to put these to good use. So, I washed them, froze them and now are using them in smoothies like crazy.

Berry smoothie bowl

Berry smoothie bowl ingredients

Berry smoothie bowl

Berry smoothie bowl with chia, flax and oats

My recipe:
1/4 c. mulberries
1/4 c. blueberries
1/2 c. dark cherries
(any combination of berries that equal 1 cup will work – just use what makes you happy!)

1/2 c. beet juice
I topped my smoothie bowl off with ground flax and chia seeds. I also added some shakeology powder – I would have added it prior to blending, if I had remembered! I think this would have made it creamier as well, so I would definitely recommend adding protein powder and will add a scoop next time. I also sprinkled a tablespoon of oats on top.

Lower Fix Extreme

Lower Fix Extreme – 21 Day Fix Extreme

Another Fix workout that I love! I’m not just saying it because Autumn does, I really do love leg day:) What’s so great about this workout? It’s quick and tough – In only 30 minutes, I get 4 rounds of tough exercises, two exercises in each round and then repeated. There is always a strength exercise followed by an explosive exercise that either challenges my balance or gets my heartrate up.

Some of my favorite moves:

  • The weighted side lunge followed by a side leg lift – this works the sides of the glutes and legs, which is why it’s one of my favorites.
  • Single leg squat followed by a single leg squat jump – this is one of my favorites because it is SO HARD! I see it as a challenge. At the end of the 21 days, hopefully I will be able to jump the entire time:) AND it works my balance and core – BONUS!
  • The back lunge and tap forward followed by a plyo lunge. Another TOUGHIE – this one wrecks me but I love it. I know I’m going to see results!

For me, the benefits of this workout are knowing that it’s working on my balance and power in addition to strength and this combination will definitely help me be more adept at hiking on crazy terrain.


21 Day Fix Extreme – Dirty 30 Extreme

21 Day Fix Extreme Dirty 30 Extreme – WHEW! This one works everything! I love how it’s cardio, lower body, upper body & core. Not only that, the exercises challenge your balance and my favorites work my postural muscles. I work at a computer, so this is always something I need to work on.

Autumn begins by reminding us “Don’t stop when you’re tired, stop when you’re done.” So, I keep reminding myself of this during the especially tough exercises!

3 rounds, 2 exercises in each round, then repeat – each exercise is a minute with a ten second break

Round 1

Curtsy lunge with a half-moon – The half moon part is holding light weights (I only use 3 lbs) and arcing them up and over your head (palms facing forward) This is one of my favorites, not because it’s easy because it’s not — it’s HARD — but because it is great for upper back and rear delt work. It really hones in on those postural muscles.

Squat with shoulder press. I used 5 lbs. Straightforward exercise so really allows you to focus on your glutes.



Round 2

Pushup with renegade row – pushup using weights and then you row the weights. I didn’t use any weights and it’s STILL a challenge! Kudos to whoever can use weights here.

Side lunge w/ sword pull – – I use 3 lbs. I feel like I’ll be able to increase my weights on this exercise by the end of the 21 days. The lunge works the glute and the pull works the shoulder and upper back.



Round 3

Single leg squat with upright row – The neat thing about this exercise (and the next one ) is that they really work your balance. Standing on one leg for the squat is a good challenge.

Lunge forward and row followed by pressing of front leg, balancing & raising your knee and doing a hammer curl



Plank crunch… WHAT?!?! This is really works your core! You’re supposed to do all the reps on one side and then move to the next side. I wasn’t paying attention and I alternated – which is probably the only way I made it through anyway! Honestly, I took a few breaks. Something I have the opportunity to work on. And thankfully, I have the good health to do so!



Why do I like Dirty 30 Extreme so much? It hits all your muscles and gets your heartrate up in a quick 30 minute workout. For days that I have more time, this would pair nicely with Upper Fix extreme and I can see this being a great go-to weekend workout.

21 Day Fix Extreme – Plyo Fix Extreme

Autumn opens this workout with the quote “Now’s your chance to change your life.” I almost skipped my workout today because it was a long day at work, I had to cook dinner, etc. I was looking for an excuse. But then I remembered the goals that I’m working on in one of my challenge groups. It’s only 30 minutes and I didn’t want to let myself down because it really is the choices that we make every day that add up over time. So, I completed the workout! And it was hard but it was fun and afterwards, I was glad that I had done it!

This workout consists of 5 rounds with two exercises in each round. It’s all leg power and really gets your heart rate up there. There’s some sneaky ab work in there too:)


Round 1

  1. Weighted squat jump – I used 8 lbs
  2. Split squat jump – I used 5 lbs.
  3. Repeat


Round 2

  1. Single leg squat jump – I used 5 lbs. You complete all your squat jumps on the right side and then move to the left side. These are TOUGH!
  2. Sumo squat jump – narrow to wide plié with a single weight
  3. Repeat


Round 3

  1. Burpees with tuck jump – another toughie! I made it through them all – slower than the group, I admit – but I got ’em done!
  2. Square jump – Jump in a square Forward-Right-Back-Left. On the second round, change direction and go Forward-Left-Back-Right
  3. Repeat


Round 4

  1. Weighted skaters – I usually love these, I just wasn’t feeling very coordinated tonight.
  2. Calf jumps – tonight these were my favorite, just felt like I needed a little extra calf work
  3. Repeat


Round 5

  1. Squat thrusts – Plank position and jump center, then back, right, then back, left, then back – lots of core work!
  2. Sumo squat with lateral hop and bicep curl – I always need to remind myself to go lower in the squat so it’s a good thing Autumn shows proper form before starting this one!
  3. Repeat

Bonus round – I admit, I modified this one. It’s a Crossover to parallel squat jump. I did everything but the jump part. I love the modifier gal in these workouts. She does a great job of showing humor (!) and tough, but do-able modifications.

Overall – Plyo Fix Extreme is one of my favorites in this series. I like how explosive the moves are – I always feel like my legs are in better shape after doing this one. And I feel ready for anything!