Cardio Fix Extreme

I love how this workout combines weighted exercises with cardio intervals. There are 4 rounds of two weighted exercises, followed by a cardio interval and then the round is repeated before moving on to the next round. Loved how it got my heart rate up. I did modify quite a it throughout but I’m going to blame it on the hike I just took my dog on at our local state park! I like how the core was really incorporated in all of these workouts.


Round 1

1. Low to high squat – Using one weight, combining a squat and a hop to the side while lifting the weight overhead

2. High plank with butt kick – you’re supposed to “run” but I had to modify:) WOW! This is fantastic for core strength.

3. Cardio: Run in place.

4. Repeat


Round 2

1. Jumping jack with shoulder press

2. Back lunge with front kick – this is great for a balance challenge. I used 5 lb weights but I could probably use 8 lbs next time because the pace is slow enough.

3. Cardio: High knees. This works my abs and really gets my heart rate up.

4. Repeat


Round 3

1. Narrow squat out to sumo squat w/ bicep curl

2. Football fast feet & jump/turn

3. Cardio: Jumping jacks

4. Repeat


Round 4

1. Squat to lunge jump with clean – I didn’t jump

2. Shuffle with burpee – I tried my best and I shuffled & burpeed, but I can’t say they were pretty:)

3. Cardio: Twisted skater. One of my all-time favorite moves in this series. Everything gets worked.



21 Day Fix Extreme – Upper Fix Review

Upper Fix Extreme

I’m using the 21DFX workouts to get ready for hiking that I plan on doing this summer. Upper Fix Extreme definitely fits the bill for carrying around a day pack or back pack comfortably.

The workout uses the technique of dropsets – which in this case, you perform an exercise for 30 seconds using a heavy weight, then drop down to a lighter weight to complete another 30 seconds. Drop sets are good for increasing your muscle endurance because you get to the point of muscle failure and then continue to push yourself.

Here’s a rundown of the workout:

Warmup – these are the same exercises in each workout of the set, which is fine with me because they get the job done and I’m not the most coordinated person ever, so I know what’s coming!

Round 1

  1. Pushups (30 seconds regular, 30 seconds only going halfway down). So, I have to be honest – I had to go to my knees by the end of the first 30 seconds. Hope to change that!
  2. Lunge with wide row – I love lunges so this was a fun one. You stay in lunge position so you can really work your back.
  3. Chest flies – these go at a quick pace and I used 8 & 5 lbs. but I think I could go up to 10 & 8 lb weights next time
  4. Lat band pull – using a resistance band. I ADORE this exercise. During the work week, I sit at a desk all day so this exercise is amazing at working the upper back muscles that encourage good posture:)


Round 2

  1. Military Press – This was HARD! I had to sneak some little breaks in – I started out with 8 lbs, but now that I know better, I might have to use 5 lbs. However, I know it’s working and it’s going to improve my shoulder strength and for that, I can’t wait!
  2. Twisted abs holding weight and doing leg extension
  3. Rear delt pull with band 30 seconds, then rear delt hold with band – I was shaking by the end:)
  4. Dolphin pose


Round 3

  1. Hammer Curls
  2. Triceps dip 30 seconds, then triceps dip with leg extended
  3. Plie with concentration curl – WHEW! Holding that plie is a good challenge:)
  4. Triceps Kickback




I really loved this workout. I think it’s fun, it’s attainable but definitely a challenge and room for growth and I feel like it’s a good overall workout. I like that Autumn works the back and upper back, really targeting those postural muscles. I think it’s important that she incorporates core as well. This DVD will really get me in shape for carrying a daypack or backpack on any trails this summer!