Challenge groups

Challenge groups

When I started doing Beachbody programs, the accountability of the group kept me on track. No matter where you’re at on your fitness journey, message me if you’re interested in a program or simply in learning more. I hesitated at first, but I’m so glad I’ve kept doing the programs. I’m currently doing The Master’s Hammer and Chisel program and I love it! It’s a great mix of strength and cardio (mostly strength), which I love!! Also, I love being outdoors in the summer so this program is strengthening my muscles and joints and getting me trail-ready. I also live on a little hobby farm AND I’m in my 40s, so strength-training is super important! To me, my health and fitness is such a blessing and I see people that get older lose their mobility if they don’t stay active. I’ve learned easy ways to incorporate healthy eating into my life, other fitness-minded people encourage me to stay on track and it’s great to see progress in myself as well as others. The simplest change for me has been to start each day with a shakeology superfood smoothie, into which I incorporate SuperFood BERRIES and SuperFood Greens into one every day! This change alone has kept me healthy all winter and keeps my diet in check. So, it’s totally worth it – plus it’s one easy change! Please message me if you simply have any questions:) Be well:)

Benefits of challenge groups

  • Group accountability to keep you on track!
  • 1:1 support
  • Daily check-ins
  • Tips & ideas to help you on your journey

REQUIREMENTS:  This group will be open to challengers with a fitness program such as the 21 Day Fix, 21 Day Fix Extreme, Piyo (FUN!) or  Hammer & Chisel and Shakeology (Shakeology is awesome – send me a note and ask me why:).  You will also need ME listed as your free coach. Simply send me a message using the contact form on my site.


Clean eating snack

Meal planning challenge group

I always seem to need tips on planning healthy meals. The kind that are healthy AND yummy! And, the kind that I’m excited to prepare because they’re quick and easy or I can prepare them in advance. When I have a plan, I’m much more likely to stick to it! Would you like to learn […]

Busy Life Challenge group

This group starts April 18! We’re all so busy, aren’t we? That’s NO EXCUSE to put your health on the back burner!! Join my 30 day accountability  & challenge group for: Motivation Tips Daily info & challenges Group support A whole team who knows exactly what it’s like to be busy and YET still makes […]

You are Stronger than You Think

You Are Stronger Than You Think Challenge Group – starts Oct. 3

Starting October 3 – Join us for fun & accountability! Joy on the journey! Motivation Tips Daily info & challenges Group support A whole team who knows exactly what it’s like to be busy and YET still makes time for HEALTHY LIVING! My personal support – I’m in this too and I definitely know what […]

Flat Belly in 10 Days!

Are you ready to RE-SET for summer? Do you want to look your best going into Memorial Day weekend? I know I am. This 10-day group kicks off Wednesday, May 18th and ends the Friday, May 25th.  Just in time to get bikini-ready before the long Memorial Day Weekend! Blast the Belly Fat Challenge With […]