Eating Mindfully

Eating Consciously

Take the time to eat mindfully.

How often do we eat mindlessly during the day? How often are we surprised at what we’ve eaten when we REALLY keep track of everything we’ve eaten? Today, make the choice to enjoy the fresh foods and vegetables you’re eating. While it’s still the season of farmer’s markets and local fresh food, pick up a deeply colored purple eggplant and think about how you can incorporate it into a meal. Marvel at the earthy smell of beets and think about the betalains (phytonutrients that fight inflammation and detox) they provide your body. Select a creamy butternut squash and think about all of the Vitamin A it provides. When we focus on enjoying the good in our diet, we’re less tempted by the bad.

5 Tips to Eating Mindfully

  1. Select a whole food that brings joy to your senses. Savor the taste.
  2. Eat in silence. Turn off the TV and your phone. Enjoy the simple act of eating.
  3. Try to identify the different flavors in your meal.
  4. Chew slowly. It’s not a race.
  5. Be aware of your body. Think of the food and nourishment this food is providing.