Joy in movement

Joy in movement - joy in nature

Joy in movement – joy in nature

Like so many of us, I get caught up in the workweek and all of its daily stresses. I let things that don’t matter get the best of my energy and emotions. Sometimes, I need a little reminder to find gratitude in all of the positive things that my body can do.

TODAY: It’s time to reconnect with your body. Stretch your muscles and be aware of how it feels. Reach your arms above your head and let your eyes drift up. Close your eyes and feel the sides of your body open. Slowly, let your arms drift up and down as if you were a swan. Bring your hands together and make sweeping movements and pretend you’re an elephant slowly moving its trunk. I do this while lumbering after my dogs – they think it’s a game! Walk outside barefoot and feel the earth. Breath deeply. Engage your senses. Think of movement as nourishment for your body. In the same way that clean, whole foods nourish your body, nature has the ability to nourish your soul. Let your muscles experience the joy of movement. Think about how these movements are healing for your body and spirit. Our bodies are meant to move and physical activity is just as important as nutrition for healing, health, mental health and warding off disease. I recently read this quote – “Success is not a place at which one arrives, but rather the spirit with which one undertakes and continues the journey.” (attributed to Alex Noble). What a beautiful thought. As I walk through nature, the birds and the squirrels don’t think about a long-term success plan, they just go about their business as they were created and they enjoy the journey.

As you go about your day, think of one movement or fun activity that brings you joy. Express that emotion as if no one is watching. Enjoy your journey & be well:)