Cardio Fix Extreme

I love how this workout combines weighted exercises with cardio intervals. There are 4 rounds of two weighted exercises, followed by a cardio interval and then the round is repeated before moving on to the next round. Loved how it got my heart rate up. I did modify quite a it throughout but I’m going to blame it on the hike I just took my dog on at our local state park! I like how the core was really incorporated in all of these workouts.


Round 1

1. Low to high squat – Using one weight, combining a squat and a hop to the side while lifting the weight overhead

2. High plank with butt kick – you’re supposed to “run” but I had to modify:) WOW! This is fantastic for core strength.

3. Cardio: Run in place.

4. Repeat


Round 2

1. Jumping jack with shoulder press

2. Back lunge with front kick – this is great for a balance challenge. I used 5 lb weights but I could probably use 8 lbs next time because the pace is slow enough.

3. Cardio: High knees. This works my abs and really gets my heart rate up.

4. Repeat


Round 3

1. Narrow squat out to sumo squat w/ bicep curl

2. Football fast feet & jump/turn

3. Cardio: Jumping jacks

4. Repeat


Round 4

1. Squat to lunge jump with clean – I didn’t jump

2. Shuffle with burpee – I tried my best and I shuffled & burpeed, but I can’t say they were pretty:)

3. Cardio: Twisted skater. One of my all-time favorite moves in this series. Everything gets worked.