21 Day Fix Meal Plan Calendar

Printable calendar for meal planning on the 21 Day Fix

Printable calendar for meal planning on the 21 Day Fix

Click here to download the printable pdf meal plan. Click here for a version that uses less color, to save you printer ink:)

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You may wonder what’s different about the 21 Day Fix than other eating plans out there – it’s the WORKOUTS and the MOTIVATION GROUPS! I love the workouts. I’m starting the 21 Day Fix extreme workouts – you can learn more about them here.

Be sure to order your challenge pack from me so that you can join our challenge groups – Learn more about challenge packs. Or Learn more about challenge groups.

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21 Day Fix Tips

Success on the 21 Day Fix

The 21 Day Fix is a great way to learn proper portion sizes and what you should be eating. I remember in high school when it was the Basic Four Food Groups. I would eat almost an entire loaf of bread in one day because I thought that was good for me. Crazy, right? Now I know better:) And even though I know better, I still need help getting the right portions. Just this weekend, I visited my grandmother in the hospital and it was really difficult eating healthy but I always have the portion-control containers in my mind, so that helps. Green = vegetables. Okay, I can get vegetable soup in the hospital cafeteria. Purple = fruit, that means I can get a serving of fresh-cut fruit. Yellow = quinoa and in the 21 day fix, I learned that quinoa is a healthier choice than white rice. I am a firm believer in progress, not perfection. I hope the tips below will help you on your journey:) Please send me a message if they do!


21 Tips for the 21 Day Fix

21 Tips for the 21 Day Fix

For tips on drinking more water: Click here

More 21 day fix resources here

Back to Basics Health & Wellness Challenge

Back to Basics challenge

Back to Basics challenge

This time of year gets so busy! For myself, I’m trying to get in those vacation days-away that I just didn’t have time for in the summer. I know alot of you are getting ready to get children back to school. It’s also that time of year where some of us have lots of garden produce to put away for the winter. Well, that’s me anyway! Whatever your life situation, I know that we all get busy and there are seasons in life where we put our health on the back-burner and need a reminder that it’s ok to take the time to reset and re-establish those health habits that we “know”, we just need to get back into practice.

Don’t forget to make time for your own health and wellness! This challenge will focus on getting tips and tricks for implementing wellness into an on-the-go lifestyle.

    Free coaching
    30-minute workouts
    Peer support
    Fun and prizes!

This group will take place in a private Facebook setting. Our team of coaches will provide tips on meal planning, take-along meals, planned leftovers, 10-minute meals, freezer meals, and time management, and more.


A Beach Ready Now coach (like me! – be sure to message me for more information)
A workout program (Such as 21 Day Fix, PiYo, P90X, Insanity, T25, etc.)

Join us! We start August 24th. Space this group is limited. If you are a new challenger, we can help find a program that’s right for you. Apply today!

Rich and delightful, low-sugar chocolate breakfast bars

21 Day fix approved chocolate bars made with Shakeology!

21 Day fix approved chocolate bars made with Shakeology!

Wow, I just tried this recipe last weekend. I admit, I looked at the ingredients and thought, What’s so great about this recipe? Low-sugar chocolate breakfast bars? Seriously?! But for those of you on the 21 Day Fix program, these are so approved.

2 cups oats (quick & old-fashioned)
1/2 c. walnuts (chopped)
4 scoops of shakeology (chocolate, for sure)
1 c. almond milk (unsweetened silly – don’t sneak any sugar in!)
1/2 c. peanut butter

They are my #newfavorite! So yummy – I enjoy them with black coffee, so there’s no guilt.

Mix the dry ingredients. Then add the sticky stuff and VOILA!
Press them into a square pan (prepped with non-stick spray)
Refrigerate. Cut into bars and enjoy. In moderation. Which may be hard to do.



Smoothie Bowls

Smoothie BowlsI love my shakeology smoothie and enjoy one every day – I just thought it would be fun to try the (almost) same thing in a bowl! So yummy & fun to eat. I blended 1 cup of berries, a scoop of vanilla Shakeology (any protein powder will work), a handful of spinach and 1/2 cup of water. I think I actually added a little more water, which was too much – it got a little soupy. So, stick to a half cup. I would also suggest throwing in some oats to the blender to thicken it up a little. I’m going to be trying different versions, so stay tuned for new recipes!

Quick recipe for Smoothie Bowl:

  • 1 c berries – I used strawberries because they’re in season, but any mixture of berries will work
  • scoop of protein powder
  • 1/2 c of water
  • add 3 Tbsp of oats or granola
  • a handful of spinach or kale
  • Blend. Voila. Enjoy!


Meal Planning Challenge Group

I always seem to need tips on planning healthy meals. The kind that are healthy AND yummy! And, the kind that I’m excited to prepare because they’re quick and easy or I can prepare them in advance. When I have a plan, I’m much more likely to stick to it!

Would you like to learn more about healthy meals and planning a menu for your family? Join me in a FREE challenge group! The great part about these groups is that each day there is an assignment to give me a little nudge toward my goal. Left to my own devices, I might have a long pinterest list of recipes to try but without accountability, I don’t always get around to it. Everyone in the group is here to motivate you and share their own experiences. So, let me know if you would like to join! We begin on March 23.

Here are the answers to some questions you might have:

WHY should I join a challenge group?

  • Fresh ideas
  • Accountability
  • Motivation
  • Fun

HOW does it work?

  • I will set up a private FaceBook group so that members can share recipes and ideas – tips and tricks – and be engaged with the group. I joined my first challenge group two months ago and I love the accountability, encouragement and motivation that the groups provide. Each day, there is a posted assignment. I have found that by sharing with the group, I get SO much more out of my fitness journey than I ever could on my own.

WHAT is the cost?

  • There is no cost for the meal planning challenge group!

Fill out the form below so that I can add you to the group:



Fill out my online form.
Online contact and registration forms from Wufoo.

Protein bites


These protein bites are my favorite. They’re the perfect snack or little bite to have with coffee. Here’s the recipe:

1 c. oats (either quick cooking or old-fashioned, I like them both)

1/2 c. chunky peanut butter

1/2 c. coconut (I use organic, but any is fine)

1/2 c. mini chocolate chips (sometimes I use less)

1/3 c. honey

1/2 scoop chocolate Shakeology

1/4 c. blend of ground flax & chia

pinch of cinnamon (optional)

Mix everything. Shape into balls. Refrigerate. Enjoy!

WHY should I drink more water?

I always struggle with drinking enough water but it’s a lot easier when you understand the benefits. Just think – it’s a super easy way to experience all of these benefits:

  • Improves your skin – try it. Drink half of your body weight in ounces every day. Cut out soda and sugary drinks and see how your skin improves!
  • More energy – who doesn’t want more energy to get everything done in a day?!
  • Prevents headaches – I notice when I travel I tend to get really bad headaches. Reason: I’m dehydrated. Drinking adequate water can prevent this so I now pack extra water bottles when I’m on the road.
  • Immune-boosting benefits – especially with lemon. Adding lemon to your water is a great choice because lemons are naturally antibacterial and antiviral. TIP – in order to help me drink enough water throughout the day, I start each day off with a cup of lemon tea.
  • It’s good for digestion
  • It helps protect your joints – this is so important as we age. And it’s important to keep exercising to stave off aging!


Fun fact: The human body is anywhere from 55% to 78% water.