Lower Fix Extreme

Lower Fix Extreme – 21 Day Fix Extreme

Another Fix workout that I love! I’m not just saying it because Autumn does, I really do love leg day:) What’s so great about this workout? It’s quick and tough – In only 30 minutes, I get 4 rounds of tough exercises, two exercises in each round and then repeated. There is always a strength exercise followed by an explosive exercise that either challenges my balance or gets my heartrate up.

Some of my favorite moves:

  • The weighted side lunge followed by a side leg lift – this works the sides of the glutes and legs, which is why it’s one of my favorites.
  • Single leg squat followed by a single leg squat jump – this is one of my favorites because it is SO HARD! I see it as a challenge. At the end of the 21 days, hopefully I will be able to jump the entire time:) AND it works my balance and core – BONUS!
  • The back lunge and tap forward followed by a plyo lunge. Another TOUGHIE – this one wrecks me but I love it. I know I’m going to see results!

For me, the benefits of this workout are knowing that it’s working on my balance and power in addition to strength and this combination will definitely help me be more adept at hiking on crazy terrain.