21 Day Fix Extreme – Plyo Fix Extreme

Autumn opens this workout with the quote “Now’s your chance to change your life.” I almost skipped my workout today because it was a long day at work, I had to cook dinner, etc. I was looking for an excuse. But then I remembered the goals that I’m working on in one of my challenge groups. It’s only 30 minutes and I didn’t want to let myself down because it really is the choices that we make every day that add up over time. So, I completed the workout! And it was hard but it was fun and afterwards, I was glad that I had done it!

This workout consists of 5 rounds with two exercises in each round. It’s all leg power and really gets your heart rate up there. There’s some sneaky ab work in there too:)


Round 1

  1. Weighted squat jump – I used 8 lbs
  2. Split squat jump – I used 5 lbs.
  3. Repeat


Round 2

  1. Single leg squat jump – I used 5 lbs. You complete all your squat jumps on the right side and then move to the left side. These are TOUGH!
  2. Sumo squat jump – narrow to wide pliĆ© with a single weight
  3. Repeat


Round 3

  1. Burpees with tuck jump – another toughie! I made it through them all – slower than the group, I admit – but I got ’em done!
  2. Square jump – Jump in a square Forward-Right-Back-Left. On the second round, change direction and go Forward-Left-Back-Right
  3. Repeat


Round 4

  1. Weighted skaters – I usually love these, I just wasn’t feeling very coordinated tonight.
  2. Calf jumps – tonight these were my favorite, just felt like I needed a little extra calf work
  3. Repeat


Round 5

  1. Squat thrusts – Plank position and jump center, then back, right, then back, left, then back – lots of core work!
  2. Sumo squat with lateral hop and bicep curl – I always need to remind myself to go lower in the squat so it’s a good thing Autumn shows proper form before starting this one!
  3. Repeat

Bonus round – I admit, I modified this one. It’s a Crossover to parallel squat jump. I did everything but the jump part. I love the modifier gal in these workouts. She does a great job of showing humor (!) and tough, but do-able modifications.

Overall – Plyo Fix Extreme is one of my favorites in this series. I like how explosive the moves are – I always feel like my legs are in better shape after doing this one. And I feel ready for anything!